How do I get started?

1. Exploring and Price checking

You can go to New order section to explore and quote the services you need.

2. Add Funds

To start ordering you need to add funds to your account going to the Add Funds section and choosing any of the payment methods.

3. Start your orders

Once you have funds in your balance you may start ordering any of our services.

How do I fund my account?

Go to Add Funds>Payment options, choose your prefered method of payment and follow instructions.

¿Como agrego saldo a mi cuenta?

Las opciones de pago disponibles aparecen en la sección de Depositar>Opciones de Pago. Ahí podrá ver cuál es la más conveniente y seguir las instrucciones.

How do I open a support ticket?

Go to Support>Tickets and fill out the form according your support subject.

May I cancel an order?

Once you make an order you cannot cancel. In rare ocassions when orders get stuck, it will be cancelled by our staff.

Can I order more than one service for same link?

You can do so. Some clients like to do that. However, the start count of each order will be the one when it started and you might pay double and receive the same amount of units ordered in one of the orders. It is not recommended but some clients do it and it is possible.

Are services guaranteed?

All services are guaranteed to be delivered as promised. Please read the description of each service and our website terms of service to understand our policies before ordering.

How do prices work?

Prices are shown in US dollars for 1000 units of any service. However, in the order form when you make your orders you will choose the quantity you want and the price will be given. It might be confusing if it is your first time buying with us. We do it this way because some of our unit prices are very low and we cannot have too many decimal points :)

What do the letters and number next to the service title mean?

For simplicity reasons, which you will get accustomed to, we add the service specs right after the service title. Here are what they mean:

number inside [], ex. [10k]: This shows the max capacity of the service. So if says 10k, means you can order up to 10,000 units of that service.

text inside [], ex. [Instant - 2h], ex2. [1h - Instant]: The first part stands for the expected start time and the second part stands for the expected delivery time.

R with a number, ex. R30, ex2. NON-DROP: This means the service has a manual refill warranty of x amount of days. You need to request refill if you have drops via a support ticket.

AR with a number, ex. AR30, ex2. AR7: This means the service has an automatic refill warranty of x amount of days.

HQ means high quality.

MQ means medium quality

LQ means lower quality